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Senior Relocation


Moving Plan


Step 1: Free Consultation

We want to get to know you! We will learn what is important to you and what you are hoping to accomplish by partnering with us.

We will look around your current home to help us estimate how many hours and how many team members it will take to complete your project.


Step 2: Customized Action Plan

We visualize what your new home will look like with a floor plan. We will help you decide what treasures will fit into your new home by creating a to-scale floor plan.

Based on the services you are desiring, we will put together a proposal outlining the number of hours we believe it will take to fulfill your needs and the fees involved.

Once we agree on services/fees/dates, we will both sign the contract, and a deposit (25% of services plus moving supplies) will be due. Both checks and credit cards are accepted.


Step 3: On-site Services


We help you make decisions about what will come with you.  


Our Professional team will carefully pack the belongings that will be moved to your new home.


If you have items that you want to send a family member who lives far away, we can help make arrangements to have those treasures shipped.


We can help you to donate your items to the right place that you chose.


Step 4: Moving Day


A Project Manager will be on the location to oversee the Moving company as they load and unload their truck.


Our professional team will carefully unpack your belongings at your new home. We can do one room or the Entire house depending on your needs.


 We pay attention to details when we are packing so place your belongings where they feel most familiar. Services may also include hanging pictures, hooking up electronics.

Cleaning up

We will dispose of trash and packing materials appropriately based on the Senior Living Community guidelines.


Step 5: Liquidation and Cleanout

We can arrange for an estate sale or liquidation of household contents if the estate includes items with resale value (e.g., art, silver, jewelry, modern furniture), Beside estate sales, we also work with dealers and auction houses to sell applicable items with resale value


 Step 6: Staging

We can stage your home for sale. We will help you have the house painted or upgraded to make it more marketable. We have cleaning services that will make the place shine, and we're happy to recommend great brokers.


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