Airbnb Styling

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Do you want to achieve a higher occupancy rate for your Airbnb?

If you’re serious about owning a successful investment property we recommend professional property styling. The majority of real estate listings are now professionally staged and Airbnb properties are no different.

We have two service package for your

1 - Airbnb Consultation 

We will walk through your rental property together, room by room, and talk about how you can maximize your short-term rental's earning potential right away after our session.

In our consultation, we will talk about the best furniture layout, best design, and some furniture/decoration ideas and sources. You will get our recommendation report after our consultation session. 

2- Airbnb Styling Package

We will design your Airbnb top-to-bottom for style, function, safety, and marketability and provide everything in this package.

We offer free professional photography with this package

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